April 2023

Collegiate Consulting's Website Redesigned

April saw the launch of Collegiate Consulting’s newly redesigned website. The enhanced site (developed by Atlanta firm audiencentral) is designed to convey Collegiate Consulting’s principles of innovation and creativity, while reaffirming the company’s dedication to quality and service.

“We are thrilled with the new design of our website,” stated Russell Wright, Managing Director of Collegiate Consulting. “This is fourth redesign, since our start in 2005. The site provides an excellent opportunity to communicate our capabilities; highlight our success stories and reinforce why we are one of the leading consulting firms in higher education.”

New elements of the redesigned website include improved functionality for Collegiate Consulting’s searches, archived newsletters and in-depth descriptions of our services and how they are rendered.

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What's the Word

While March had us in the throws of NCAA Tournament dramatics, April offers an after-storm calm to review the effects. With unpredictable matchups and the potential for precarious upsets, Cinderellas abound. With media showcasing lesser-known schools, valuable national exposure can impact athletic departments and entire campuses significantly.

While some effects are instant, others reveal themselves over time as metrics are aggregated for multiple post-tournament seasons/school years. Common developments are increases in admissions, funding/donations, game attendance, ticket sales and merchandise sales. Particularly interesting, in regard to admissions, is the increased quality of applicants; for example, after Florida Gulf Coast University faced Florida in the 2013 tournament as a 15 seed, the average GPA of the entering freshman rose from 3.35 in 2012 to 3.81 in 2016.

We eagerly keep an eye out for the exciting changes that could be in store for a Fairleigh Dickinson or Florida Atlantic. While on-court success garners the spotlight, the ensuing benefits can reach all corners of an institution.

Summer Projects Assist in Offseason Retrospection

In a few weeks, most schools will be seeing the mass exodus of students and student-athletes. Summer often provides the opportunity for athletic departments to reflect on the past school year, both in terms of teams’ competitiveness and departmental structure and operations. This is the time of year that Collegiate Consulting’s services, such as feasibility and benchmarking studies, strategic planning and operational reviews, can provide comprehensive and comparative perspective.

As Collegiate Consulting continues to partner with institutions of varying size and conference competition level, we are excited to explore opportunities for each new and existing client. There are several moving pieces to research and analyze that give our university partners an expanded perspective for potential excellence.

We thrive on connection with our college athletic community and we seek to champion their notable actions and achievements.

Please follow us so we can celebrate and elevate each other together.

Managing Director
Russell Wright
Collegiate Consulting

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