Benchmark study

Our Benchmark Study combines our financial report and market research into one, comprehensive study. Our analyses provide athletic departments with a complete financial benchmarking tool by comparing revenues, expenses and other non-financial data.  The financial reports are individually tailored to serve as a resource tool for athletic programs to analyze and asses their own financial metrics against their peer institutions.  Some metrics assessed include athletic revenue, sport expenses, recruiting budgets, financial aid costs and, most recently, a cost-of-attendance analysis.

In addition, we will do market research to determine where your university can grow and make potential financial investments. Like all of our studies, the Benchmark Study is completely customize-able and can include any elements or peer groups that you would like to include.

our process

The first step in our process is to understand what peer group you are looking to benchmark your institution or conference against. You can choose the elements that you would like to include and you can choose from the following peer groups:

  • All Division Institutions

  • Conference Members

  • Subdivisions

  • Regional Peers

  • Public/Private Institutions

  • Aspirant Peers

  • Multi-Divisional &Conference Comparisons

  • Directors’ Cup Top 25 Institutions

Once we determine the elements and peer groups, we will begin researching, gathering data, and comparing the data. As a part of this process, once we analyze and compare the data, we will then take a look at market research, and determine what adjustments can be made. The market research section of our Benchmark Study will include:

  • Corporate Sponsorship

  • Fundraising and Development

  • Inventory Analysis

  • Media Rights Evaluations

  • Merchandising and Licensing Agreements

  • Naming Rights Evaluation

  • New Media

After this is complete, we will make recommendations based on our findings. Then we will continue our partnership as changes are implemented in your institution. Our Benchmark Study is something that will allow us to continue our partnership down the line and continue giving you the most up-to-date information.

our partners