operational review

Collegiate Consulting has developed a highly successful methodology to provide comprehensive operational review and analysis of key components within your athletic program to assess strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  Collegiate Consulting can provide an inclusive analysis of the entire department or on a project basis.

After completing the operational review, Collegiate Consulting will recommend strategies and tactics to create efficiencies and maximize resources. Collegiate Consulting will provide our clients with a detailed plan, implementation strategy and on-going management process as part of the operational review. Operational Reviews can be continuations of strategic planning or feasibility studies.

review areas

Collegiate Consulting has extensive experience in key areas, including academic/life skills, business office, feasibility studies, compliance, diversity, facility development, government relations and Title IX equity reporting. Below you will find descriptions of areas that Collegiate Consulting will review as a part of your operational review.


Collegiate Consulting provides counsel and support on a wide range of matters impacting intercollegiate athletics program, including employment contracts, unrelated business income tax and bowl game agreements.

Collegiate Consulting can provide a comprehensive analysis and report to examine adding sports programs (i.e. football), moving up in NCAA divisional status.  Collegiate Consulting will provide financial analysis, infrastructure assessment, estimated costs and final recommendations.


Collegiate Consulting assists institutions as they prepare for the NCAA certification process by providing an outside, independent assessment of current compliance with the operating principles on which certification is based.  We address the maintenance of institutional control and compliance through governance and organizational frameworks.  Additionally, Collegiate Consulting assists colleges and universities to design, implement or refine comprehensive preventive systems and conducts internal compliance audits.


Collegiate Consulting assists colleges and universities in the preparation and development process for capital master planning, new construction or facility renovation, including planning, contracting and construction.  Additionally, Collegiate Consulting provides fundraising and strategic planning to support capital growth. 


Collegiate Consulting aids with federal and state tax matters, employment laws and corporate governance matters, including UBIT, the use of taxable and nonprofit affiliates, corporate sponsorship arrangements, the application of Sarbanes-Oxley, faculty retention programs, and compensation related matters.


Collegiate Consulting can assist co-ed institutions that participate in Title IX federal assistance programs with equity reporting to comply with EADA reporting procedures.  We also provide support to correct existing reporting errors and balance expenditures among men’s and women’s teams.

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