strategic planning

One of the most important aspects of a successful institution, athletic department and partnership between the two is having a strategic plan. Collegiate Consulting will help your institution and athletic department develop a clear strategic plan through providing recommendations by analyzing benchmarking data.

our process

First, we will take a look at your current strategic plan and listen to what you are hoping to get from an updated strategic plan. We will help you determine what aspects of your athletic department is most important and those that are currently lacking. Once we do this, we will move into the next step of our process.

Second, we will begin the research process. We will gather benchmarking data, which includes financial and non-financial elements on your institution. The following is the order in which we will gather and analyze data on your institution”:

  • Staffing

  • Infrastructure

  • Sports Analysis

  • Organizational Structure

Once we have this data, we will continue to analyze and compare the data. For example, once we have analyzed staffing and sports teams, we will compare the success of the sport to their staff and their facilities.

Finally, we will make recommendations based on our research, analysis, and comparisons. We will propose all goals, missions, or values that should be included in an updated strategic plan. In addition, these recommendations and our data analysis will help answer some large questions about your athletic department and your institution. If your institution is struggling to answer some of these questions, our partnership in this process can help get the answers you need:

  • How does intercollegiate athletics contribute to the overall mission of the University and its commitment to the education and development of the whole student?

  • How can the University preserve and strengthen the academic and athletic excellence that is its tradition and continued aspiration while recognizing the challenges confronting higher education and intercollegiate athletics?

  • What internal and external factors, including limitations and constraints, will affect the way the University conducts its intercollegiate athletics programs in the future?

  • How can the University strengthen the collaborative relationships and further integrate the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics into the broader campus community?

  • What growth opportunities and additional revenue sources should be pursued?

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