conference scheduling

In response to COVID-19, Collegiate Consulting has developed a conference scheduling service that is based on combining fall and spring sports into one season. Within this service, we will schedule all conference games for all sponsored sports while considering several logistical elements.

our process

There are many things to consider when creating a conference schedule under normal circumstances. Before starting our scheduling process, we will meet with the conference commissioner and athletic directors. This will help us determine which scheduling elements are most important. Once we complete this initial meeting, we will begin the research process of scheduling. We will take all of the following into account:

  • Conference Preferences

  • Marquee Sports

  • Minimizing Missed Classes

  • Optimizing Travel

  • Allocating Support Staff

  • Honoring Rivalry Games

  • Ensure Schedule Integrity

  • Maximizing Facility Availability

All of these aspects will allow us to create the most competitive and comprehensive schedule allowing student-athletes to have a full season and allowing institutions to obtain the financial and non-financial benefits of full seasons.