July 2021

After CC Search, UWG AD Prepares for New Era

Since his hiring in April, University of West Georgia Director of Athletics Jason Carmichael has begun laying the groundwork for the Wolves’ new athletic path.

Not only did he hire new Head Volleyball Coach Kara Hellman, from Urbana University in Ohio, but he also began an arduous navigation of the ever-changing NIL landscape, providing accessible information for “student-athletes, their families, supporters of UWG Athletics and employees of the University of West Georgia.”

In March, Collegiate Consulting worked with the University of West Georgia on the search and subsequent hiring of Carmichael. With 94 total applications, this process garnered our largest and most qualified group of applicants. UWG narrowed the initial pool to 20 candidates, conducted interviews with 10 and brought four on-campus for in-person interviews.

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What's The Word?

While most of the country views autumn as months away, those of us in college sports have already started the countdown to student-athletes, coaches, staff and trainers returning to campus. Fall, a season known for change, is mirrored by leadership, divisional and conference transitions happening more and more rapidly in this past month.

As the start of the 2021-22 season approaches, our project load continues to turn over. As one draft goes out the door, we start on the next project. The beginning of the week saw a significant increase in outgoing proposals and it is clear that institutions are gearing up for a competitive school year.

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As we continue to engage more and more collegiate athletic departments, Collegiate Consulting is excited to acknowledge the achievements accomplished by the student-athletes of our past and present clients. One of our tenets of operation is seeking student and institutional elevation.

The resilience and dedication that college athletes have demonstrated in the past year is something deserving of recognition and applause.

Please follow us to watch how we highlight these athletic advancements.

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