July 2023

Collegiate Consulting Provides Key Guidance Points for Portland State

After receiving a 500-page Athletic Operational Review completed by Collegiate Consulting, Portland State University recently announced its five-year athletic strategic plan..

Interviewing more than 125 stakeholders and reviewing more than two years of athletic data and budgets, Collegiate Consulting’s study provided the most comprehensive examination and recommendation for Portland State athletics.

Collegiate Consulting created a six-year pro forma with an emphasis on external revenue, specific goals for men’s basketball and football and expansion and advancement within the PSU athletic department.

CC Celebrates Roosevelt & Thomas More’s Ascent to DII

Collegiate Consulting is excited to share that its partners, Thomas More University and Roosevelt University, have advanced in the Division II Reclassification Process.

As well as assisting Thomas More with a DII Feasibility Study, Athletic Strategic Plan and Membership Application during the application year, Collegiate Consulting provided support for the Year One submission of their Annual Report.

Our firm originally worked with Roosevelt in 2009 with an Intercollegiate Athletics Formation Feasibility Study and subsequent Athletic Strategic Plan. As part of their Division II reclassification, Collegiate Consulting assisted Roosevelt with the Membership Application and NCAA Site Visit. Roosevelt will join the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference beginning with the 2023-24 athletic year.

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What's the Word

Restructuring has taken the collegiate athletic realm by storm. Conferences are changing. Divisions are changing. The very nature of education is changing.

We all clearly care about bettering young people and providing a path for student-athletes to succeed; we seek a better experience for each generation.

Foundations can be rebuilt, a new normal can be a restorative measure. The student-athlete experience should be supported with an infrastructure that can adapt: That includes mental health options, sports psychology, trainer availability and access to encourage a nutritious diet.

Collegiate Consulting is committed to enhance programs and navigate the unexpected obstacles.

Operational Elements Prove Essential

Every car doesn’t perform how you want it to, but every part isn’t necessarily compatible with an engine. But we want every athletic department to finish on the podium.

As Collegiate Consulting continues to partner with institutions of varying size and conference competition level, we are excited to explore opportunities for each new and existing client. There are several moving pieces to research and analyze that give our university partners an expanded perspective for potential excellence.

We thrive on connection with our college athletic community and we seek to champion their notable actions and achievements.

Please follow us so we can celebrate and elevate each other together.

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