June 2021

Current Projects – Finalization and Launch

The theme of the last year has been project finalization and project launch. It seems that once we get one project “out the door,” another one comes knocking. In the last month, the Collegiate Consulting team has finalized projects for five institutions. Of these projects, four of them were different project types.

With the finalization of these five projects, our now 20 active projects continue to develop and progress. these current projects share a wide range of deliverables and project types. With each project, we find more benchmarking elements that prove to be valuable in understanding the current environment of college athletics. Every day, we look forward to expanding our knowledge to better assist our clients.

The need for our guidance and vast experience in the industry continues to amount. In the last month, we have also sent out several proposals for new studies and have pending projects in the double-digit range.

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What's The Word?

Officially half way into 2021, our office continues to pick up speed. Most of our projects throughout the year have been focused on conference and divisional movement, but we have seen this continue into the summer months. Additionally, we anticipate an uptake in operational and intercollegiate athletic reviews.

With the sports world returning to “normal” and the prospect of the first full athletic cycle in more than two years, things will continue to change and develop. We are looking forward to experiencing this long-awaited progress and assisting our partners through the ever-changing landscape.

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As we continue to engage more and more collegiate athletic departments, Collegiate Consulting is excited to acknowledge the achievements accomplished by the student-athletes of our past and present clients. One of our tenets of operation is seeking student and institutional elevation.

The resilience and dedication that college athletes have demonstrated in the past year is something deserving of recognition and applause.

Please follow us to watch how we highlight these athletic advancements.

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