June 2022

Franciscan Operational Assessment Finalized by Collegiate Consulting

Collegiate Consulting is pleased to announce its completion of an Intercollegiate Athletics Operational Review for Franciscan University of Steubenville. To assess Franciscan’s current athletic program, the University and Collegiate Consulting collaborated on a goal to create a clear action plan which would strengthen and guide Franciscan to further athletic success within Division III.

To conduct a comprehensive analysis of Franciscan’s athletic operations,

Collegiate Consulting compiled internal and peer benchmarking data in addition to interviewing more than 50 athletic stakeholders – including administrators, coaches, former and current student-athletes.

The final assessment, which included analyses of sport sponsorship, facilities, athletic expectations, the role and value of athletics and the overall student-athlete experience, was 107 pages. Organizational and reporting structure, staffing recommendations, net tuition revenue analysis, operational budgets, competitiveness, academic success and sport expansion were also reviewed.

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What's The Word?

This week’s Title IX 50th anniversary is an amazing milestone to celebrate as a solidified movement in civil rights and sports equity.

Established in 1972 – as a follow-up to the Civil Rights Act act of 1964 – this law prohibits sex-based discrimination in any education program (including activities) that receives funding from the federal government. Due in a large part to Title IX, women now make up 44% of all NCAA athletes, compared to just 15% in 1971, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation.

While female student-athletes saw this as a light at the end of a tunnel, some institutions saw a fast-moving train preparing to derail their athletic departments. Even today, more can be done to preserve the balance and the law, especially as to how it is applied.

Double- and triple-counting female athletes who don’t actually compete in more than one sport has been repeatedly reported. No institution has ever lost federal funding for failing to fully comply with Title IX; cases often have to be settled in court to gain punitive rewards. For Black women and other women of color in sports, the gains of Title IX have not been equally shared, and reverberate the setbacks of a policy that only addresses equity on the basis of sex and gender.

Collegiate Consulting understands the importance of Title IX, especially its pioneers, and we seek to assist all universities in compliance and the development of additional equitable programs in athletics.

Collegiate Consulting Congratulates Recent Graduates

Many student-athletes graduated last month who won’t participate in professional athletic leagues… but will become professionals all the same. Our hats (caps) are off to them – and all the coaches, professors and support staff who guided their journeys.

As we continue to partner with collegiate athletic departments, Collegiate Consulting is excited to acknowledge the accomplishments by the student-athletes, coaches and support staffs of our past and present clients.

We thrive on connection with our college athletic community and we seek to champion the notable actions and achievements.

Please follow us so that we can celebrate and elevate each other together.

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