May 2021

Collegiate Consulting Conducting Interviews with Portland State

Over the last month, we have been working with Portland State on its Intercollegiate Athletics Review. We have conducted 30+ interviews so far with various athletics and institutional stakeholders. Throughout this process, we have also been working on benchmarking Portland State against the rest of the Big Sky Conference. We will continue our interview process through the next several weeks.


Feasibility Studies Growing Traction Across the Board

Since our last newsletter, Collegiate Consulting has remained busy. We recently began a comprehensive operational review and analysis for the Bob Jones University intercollegiate athletic department; as well as a benchmarking study for NJIT to the America East Conference, which they joined a 10 months ago. In addition, Collegiate Consulting has begun four new Division II-to-Division I Feasibility Studies; as well as two Division II Feasibility Studies. In the next month, we will complete membership expansion studies for two Division I conferences. Since the start of the New Year, Collegiate Consulting has worked with 29 institutions and conferences.

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What's The Word?

As a supporter of all college athletes, Collegiate Consulting would like to applaud those who graduated this month. While some student-athletes were not allowed to compete, they showed grace and diligence in honoring their academic endeavors.

After a year of strife and a particular pressure on seniors, matriculation is impressive and should be accompanied with due accolades.

Collegiate Consulting Twitter Growth

As we continue to engage more and more collegiate athletic departments, Collegiate Consulting is excited to acknowledge the achievements accomplished by the student-athletes of our past and present clients. One of our tenants of operation is seeking student and institutional elevation.

Please follow us to watch how we highlight these athletic advancements.

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