May 2022

Queens Makes Move to DI ASUN with Assistance from Collegiate Consulting

After a 185-page Division I Feasibility study, more than 150 stakeholder interviews and careful deliberation, Collegiate Consulting’s partnership with Queens University of Charlotte saw fruition as Queens’ Board of Trustees unanimously voted to accept an invitation to join the ASUN Conference and move to the NCAA Division I, effective at the start of the 2022-23 athletic year.

Presented in September 2021, Collegiate Consulting’s report focused on a comprehensive assessment of the ASUN, Big South and Southern Conference.

To support the Division I reclassification, Collegiate Consulting projected external athletic revenue to nearly triple from its current levels.

We congratulate the Queens Royals as they embark on this transition and wish them continued success!

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What's The Word?

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d like to turn our attention to collegiate athletic trainers; a group of skilled individuals who often find themselves healing both bodies and minds. Through the close relationships they build with student-athletes, they frequently become inadvertent confidantes and counselors – creating impromptu safe spaces within their training rooms.

University training staffs are many times underpaid and overwhelmed, working long hours and spread far too thin (especially at schools with several high-contact sports). When appropriate resources are not allocated to training or sports medicine, it isn’t unheard of for trainers to bring their own supplies to work or pay out-of-pocket to cut through red tape.

In several recent Twitter posts, former Athletic Trainer Mikaela Joseph described her frustration with sexism within the industry, far less pay than private sector offers and a schedule that included 90 days without time off.

We applaud collegiate trainers, both professionals and graduate assistants, and thank them for continually going above and beyond the job description to serve as custodians of student-athletes’ overall wellness.

Collegiate Consulting Excited to Engage and Support Student-Athletes

As we continue to partner with collegiate athletic departments, Collegiate Consulting is excited to acknowledge the accomplishments by the student-athletes, coaches and support staffs of our past and present clients.

We thrive on connection with our college athletic community and we seek to champion the notable actions and achievements.

Please follow us so that we can celebrate and elevate each other together.

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