CC Partner Emmanuel College Granted Provisional Year by NCAA Division II

FRANKLIN SPRING, GA (Sept. 18, 2017) – Emmanuel College is pleased to announce that it has been granted provisional membership in the NCAA Division II.  The decision of the NCAA Management Council allows the College to continue its pursuit of full membership.  The College will continue its participation in Conference Carolinas and intends to be a great asset from the contribution it makes to Conference play. The College expresses deep appreciation to the member institutions and administrative staff of Conference Carolinas, all of whom have been extremely supportive throughout the membership process.

Collegiate Consulting has been working with Emmanuel for the past four years. Initially assisting them with their Division II feasibility study, strategic plan and application. Once, approved for the membership process, Collegiate Consulting has continued to assist the College through the membership process.

Dr. Ron White, President of Emmanuel College, states, “This will be our second provisional year for which we are grateful. I am confident we will continue to meet all NCAA Division II requirements and standards and that we will be admitted to full membership next July.  Our coaches, athletes, and athletic staff are committed to complete this process successfully and will work our hardest to finish the task.”

“Everything NCAA Division II has required of us in policy, procedures, and structure, we have implemented,” continued Dr. White. “In every aspect, we have cooperated and complied.  We appreciate the Management Council acknowledging the work we have done by granting an additional provisional year.”

Concluding his remarks, Dr. White added, “Our future is bright. We have a healthy and competitive athletic environment, terrific coaches and players, and an athletic administrative staff that is second to none. We will move forward under the banners of NCAA Division II and Conference Carolinas and look forward to becoming a full member in the near future.”