Collegiate Consulting Completes Divisional Reclassification Study

ATLANTA (Dec. 28, 2020) – As the COVID19 pandemic continued heading into the start of the 2020-2021 athletic and academic year, there was an expectation that there would be institutions that would need to assess intercollegiate athletics and its fit within the institution. Collegiate Consulting recently completed a comprehensive Divisional Reclassification Study for a Division II institution exploring options at Division III.


The four-month project included an assessment of two Division III conferences within the institution’s geographic footprint, which included institutional comparison, sports sponsorship, travel and opportunity for membership invitation. The study included the membership protocol and steps for an institution to reclassify into Division III.


The institutional assessment included sports and administrative budget analysis, staffing and salaries and total budget impact on the institution.  The final component was a SWOT Analysis comparing the pros and cons of remaining Division II or a reclassification to Division III. The institution is quietly reviewing the report and assessing its options as they consider the future of its intercollegiate athletics program.


About Collegiate Consulting: Headquartered in Atlanta, Collegiate Consulting is a comprehensive solutions-based intercollegiate consulting firm focused on offering athletic departments, conferences and associations a single-entity resource across an extensive platform of services. Since their inception in 2005, Collegiate Consulting has worked with more than 500 institutions on projects such as feasibility studies like this, searches, operational studies and strategic planning.