Collegiate Consulting Completes Five NHL Funded Hockey Feasibility Studies

ATLANTA (May 28, 2018) – Atlanta-based Collegiate Consulting recently completed a unique, six-month study for five universities as part of an effort by the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Hockey League Players’ Assocation (NHLPA) and College Hockey, Inc., to expand college hockey.

The initiative funded feasibility studies for five Division I men’s and women’s hockey programs at institutions that are located in NHL markets. Collegiate Consulting, one of the leading intercollegiate athletic consultant firms in the county was selected to conduct and produce all five studies.

“This has been an exciting project for us,” stated Collegiate Consulting Managing Director Russell Wright. “It has been a privilege to work with the NHL and the institutions to explore the opportunities at these five campuses with regard to growing Division I hockey.”

Oakland University and the Detroit Red Wings were the first to announce their study in November and released it to the public in April, 2018. The University of Illinois with support from the Chicago Black Hawks released their study in March 2018. The final three institutions, who choose not to publicly disclose their feasibility studies, were completed and presented in the past 60 days, with the final report presented in May.

Currently, there are 35 institutions in the country that have a Division I women’s hockey program competing within four conferences and 60 institutions with a Division I men’s hockey program competing among six conferences.