Collegiate Consulting Completes Football Feasibility Studies for UNO & Chicago State

ATLANTA (July 13, 2022) In the past few months Collegiate Consulting finalized football feasibility studies for both the University of New Orleans and Chicago State University as they consider adding FCS football, women’s sport(s) and marching band.

UNO’s study benchmarked the institution to the Southland Conference as a part of the 119-page report. Collegiate Consulting projected football and women’s soccer with a first year of competition in Fall 2024 with total projected expenditures of $4.6 million. Student-athlete financial aid would equate to $1.7 million for 77 scholarships: Nearly $1.1 million in sports operating expenses with football accounting for $925,000.

Collegiate Consulting recommended seven new full-time administrative positions and two part-time positions. Football would consist of 12 full-time coaches and a graduate assistant with women’s soccer having two full-time coaches. Funding for the sports was projected at $1.4 million in direct institutional support; $700,000 in student fees and $2.5 million from external revenue sources. UNO would play games at Tad Gormley Stadium, Collegiate Consulting recommended construction of a 13,500-square-foot fieldhouse; and turf field at projected cost of $5 million. The formation of a 125-person marching band would generate approximately $1.5 million per annum in net tuition revenue.

Collegiate Consulting also completed a football feasibility study for Chicago State University, with analyses of the addition of beach volleyball, softball and a marching band. The 116-page report projected total expenditures of $5.2 million for the three new sports programs with athletic financial aid ($2.1 million) accounting for 40% of the expenditures.

Collegiate Consulting projected that Chicago State should add 11 full-time football coaches, two beach volleyball coaches and two softball coaches, with project salaries/benefits at $1.1 million by the 2027-28 season.  Administratively, seven full-time and two part-time positions were recommended with the addition of three new sports, with projected salaries/benefits at $470,000 by FY2028.

To support the three new programs, Collegiate Consulting projects external revenue at $2.3 million and account for 44% of the increased expenditures.  Direct institutional support is projected at $800,000 with indirect supp0rt (SA financial aid) at $2.1 million.  The development and launch of a 200-member marching band, would generate more than $1.7 million in annual net tuition revenue for CSU in coordination with the start of a football program.

A comprehensive solutions-based intercollegiate consulting firm founded in 2005 and based in Atlanta, Collegiate Consulting has completed six football feasibility studies in the past 24 months across all divisions of NCAA intercollegiate athletics.