Collegiate Consulting Finalizes Operational Assessment at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

BALTIMORE (June 21, 2019) – Collegiate Consulting is pleased to announce the completion of an operational study of UMBC’s athletic department. In a move to assess their current program, with the goal of developing a clear action plan to strengthen and guide them to further athletic success, the University engaged Collegiate Consulting to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their athletic program and operations.

As part of this comprehensive analysis, Collegiate Consulting spent two days on-campus last October interviewing athletic stakeholders, reviewing internal documents and taking a facility tour to determine what recommendations from Collegiate Consulting’s previous 2017 study had been implemented.

Components of the 2018-2019 assessment included:

·         Organizational structure

·         Staffing levels & recommendations

·         Financial aid/scholarships

·         Sports operational budgets

·         Sport sponsorship

·         Conference affiliation & potential options

·         Facility recommendations

·         Competitiveness

·         Graduation Success Rate

·         Academic Progress Rate

·         Conference Benchmarking Comparison

The report, which was presented to UMBC in May, included recommendations focused on strengthening their current athletic strategic plan, critical facility improvements, adjusting budgets and scholarship dollars, and most importantly providing UMBC with a firm foundation to help advance their overall athletic program.

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with UMBC again, after helping with their report in 2017, and it was exciting to see the improvements made based on our recommendations,” stated managing director, Russell Wright. “We look forward to watching UMBC excel, thanks in part to our collaboration and the solid plan we just completed. UMBC has all the potential to become a premier athletic program.”