Competitive Sports Analysis Partners with Collegiate Consulting to Reach College Programs


CSA_upJune 14, 2016 (ATLANTA) – Competitive Sports Analysis is partnering with Collegiate Consulting to better serve and connect with college athletic programs. As a consultant for athletic departments across the country, Collegiate Consulting will help convey the value scoutSMART, CSA’s analytics-based recruiting software, can provide to athletic departments. This software makes the recruiting process more cost-effective for programs, and also makes it easier to recruit at the highest level. Collegiate Consulting will use the connections they already have in place to indicate potential schools CSA can target. The goal is to optimize the number of teams using scoutSMART, while also giving them the best user-experience possible.
scoutSMART is designed to help college football coaches spend their time and money recruiting more efficiently by indicating how good of a fit a recruit is for a specific program. A skills assessment is performed on players, and their GPA and statistics from the previous season are acquired as well. Coaches indicate what skills they value at each position and how much they value a player’s academics and statistics. Using all of this information, scoutSMART creates an overall FIT score that illustrates how well a player would fit into a specific program. The idea is that coaches can allocate more of their time to athletes who have the necessary skills to be successful in their program. Likewise, athletes can ultimately end up at the program that gives them the best chance of succeeding. The partnership with Collegiate Consulting will provide the necessary connections for this to happen across the college football landscape.

“CSA believes the college sports analytics market is poised to grow over the next few years. As we position CSA to be the ‘Moneyball’ of college athletics, we need the right partners,” said Diane Bloodworth, CEO of CSA. “Collegiate Consulting has the credibility and contacts in our target market to help us successfully capture market share so that our scoutSMART coaching analytics can help college athletic programs win more games.”

“We are excited to partner and assist scoutSMART into their entry into intercollegiate athletics.  I truly believe their technology will revolutionize and streamline the recruiting process and provide a level of analytics and assessment that has never been offered before to coaches.”