November 2021

Chicago State University

Collegiate Consulting has been working with Chicago State over the last six months on a variety of projects. Collegiate Consulting has done several benchmarking studies for Chicago State to assist in finding a new conference home for the Cougars. In addition, Collegiate Consulting has started the process of an FCS Football Feasibility Study.

Throughout this study, Collegiate Consulting will explore the financial and non-financial metrics that will be essential to starting an FCS program in Chicago. Collegiate Consulting will use benchmarking data from the Southland Conference and the Ohio Valley Conference.

The Summit League

As the realignment continues at unprecedented levels within Division I, Collegiate Consulting has worked with multiple institutions exploring conference membership opportunities, but also has worked with a number of conferences as they proactively consider optimal membership numbers and potential member-institutions.

In addition to projects with the Western Athletic Conference and ASUN Conference, Collegiate Consulting completed a comprehensive membership study and analysis for The Summit League. Over the course of the study, Collegiate Consulting evaluated 14 potential member-institutions across 14 categories, including academic profile, sports sponsorship, competitive success and line-item sports operating budgets. Collegiate Consulting also compared current Summit League members to each prospective member. The final component was a SWOT analysis of each reviewed institution. The three-month project was completed and submitted to the conference in early August.


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What's The Word?

Getting close to Thanksgiving, Collegiate Consulting is bustling with feasibility studies, benchmarking reports and conference analyses. But, as the holidays near, we’d like to tip our caps to student-athletes, coaches and administrators who find themselves at away-games instead of at home with family or friends for a turkey dinner.

While some college students are packing for a week at home, student-athletes and support staff members are training, travelling and prepping for the next game. Collegiate Consulting acknowledges the sacrifice and commends their drive.

For the dedication, for the commitment, for the time – we are thankful.

Collegiate Consulting Twitter Growth

As we continue to engage more and more collegiate athletic departments, Collegiate Consulting is excited to acknowledge the achievements accomplished by the student-athletes of our past and present clients. One of our tenets of operation is seeking student and institutional elevation.

The resilience and dedication that college athletes have demonstrated in the past year is something deserving of recognition and applause.

Please follow us to watch how we highlight these athletic advancements.

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