October 2022

Collegiate Consulting Completes Benchmarking for Le Moyne

Collegiate Consulting conducted a benchmarking study for the Le Moyne College athletic program to move to the NCAA Division I. The 172-page report included research on Le Moyne’s potential conference feasibility.

The team conducted interviews with more than 50 stakeholders, including administrators, coaches, athletic department staff, trustees and alumni, the Collegiate Consulting team discussed the opportunities and impacts regarding a divisional ascension. The final study also included analyses of sports sponsorship, travel, academic progress rates, competitiveness, scholarship, staffing and roster sizes, in addition to operating budgets and facility comparisons.

In addition to viability research, Collegiate Consulting complete a six-year expenditure pro forma and seven years of revenue projections for Le Moyne. Data studied included operational costs, salaries, salaries, game guarantees, ticket sales and NCAA revenue.

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What's The Word?

As fall contact sports dominate the news of college athletics, Collegiate Consulting turns it view to student-athlete physical safety and mental health.
Strength and Conditioning departments are often tasked with providing or being combined with the Training staff. Athletic Trainers have an alarming turnover rate, mostly due to understaffing and insufficient pay, yet these are some of the people players find a safe space with to communicate issues that alternate avenues do not provide. Often, time with trainers are one-on-one, and anyone who has had a bad sprain can tell you how much you get to know someone who wraps your ankle seven days a week.
With growing numbers of anxiety, violence and activism in sports , more athletes are seeking sports psychologists – something not all schools can offer; but we are hopeful that increasing awareness will be a springboard to increase counseling options.

Semester Hits Midterm for Collegiate Athletics

The Collegiate Consulting staff is busy as ever with multiple feasibility, benchmarking and sustainability reports due by the year-end.

As we continue to partner with universities of varying size and sports sponsorships, Collegiate Consulting is excited to acknowledge the accomplishments by the student-athletes, coaches and support staffs of our past and present clients.

We thrive on connection with our college athletic community and we seek to champion the notable actions and achievements.

Please follow us so that we can celebrate and elevate each other together.

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